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Face Apothecarium

Enhance Your Beauty by Embracing Your Uniqueness


Face Apothecarium - originally created as the skin compliment to Brow Hub, the vehicle to continue the ethos of holistically enhancing natural and organic treatments for brow to skin.

The signature Brow Hub styling techniques focus on a natural approach by following the organic structure of the brow. Face Apothecarium mirrors this focus by targeting the intimate connections between physical, mental and emotional elements in the body.

Essentially, making us the apothecary for your skin. 

Face Apothecarium encompasses The Collective's passion for holistic health, wellness, transformation and boosting self confidence whilst, importantly, gaining sought after results for each client.

With the amalgamation with Skin Genesis, Face Apothecarium is in Australia, is our skin care dispensary that prescribes individually tailored home care programs and in-salon skincare treatment plans that support each clients individual requirements. Having selected well reputed, high-end skincare partners and having all natural, alchemic Nada Skincare available - we are able to weave the right balance of cosmeceutical and natural products to ensure each client has the very best experience.  

To learn more about our in-salon skincare partners, click here.

To learn more about our the available retail skincare partners, click here.



The creation of high vibrational skincare is here. Nada Skincare.

Australian made, Australian owned skincare range created with all Australian ingredients established in 2020 as a synergistic by-product of the creation of Skin Genesis.

Born from a desire to understand what substances were being put on her skin and not blindly falling for large cosmetic house marketing - Nada started researching every ingredient in every skincare product she researched to stock in salon, (and in her own cupboard).  The curiosity of cosmetic science and its synergistic relationship with naturally occurring products that would mimic the skins' make up became an obsession.  Having trouble pronouncing some of the ingredients in some leading skincare lines compounded the obsession. Surely, there were naturally occurring ingredients that could benefit your skin rather than creating a situation where more is more? And keeping the skin barrier in tact?  

 These were some of the motivating factors for Nada creating her own skincare line.

After finding an Australian cosmetic chemist who was aligned with Nada's and Skin Genesis' values,  Nada set about creating her first line of skin care to show case to her Skin Genesis clients.

Fast forward three years and Nada Skincare now has four lines to cater for all skin types and conditions;

and each product upon creation and delivery is alchemised with sound frequency, energetic and channeled intent in specific Ceremonies that are specifically created for each line.  Each Ceremony focuses on bringing through the product ingredients, the heart centred energy, intent and love behind the creation of each product - ultimately infused into each product through sound and energetic frequency.

Each product, for each line is blessed in this manner before it reaches the shelves, making it truly a unique, alchemic and high vibrational skincare line

To learn more about each range of Nada Skincare that is available for retail, click here.

Dr Spiller

Developed in Germany
** Being updated**

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