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The Collective 

The Home of Holistic Beauty, Aesthetics, Health and Wellness


Established in 2020 as a skin clinic whose focus was primarily on holistic anti-ageing and rejuvenation.  Skin Genesis' core belief has always been that each client's skin requirements are individual and as such, each treatment plan should be created individually to ensure best care and best results for each client's skin concerns.

The skin has so many variables that influence it's outward appearance, we believe that all these factors are required to be taken into account all factors when undertaking a review, consultation and creating a treatment plan.

Skin Genesis has always utlised the finest medical grade technology in a synergistic approach with our holistic focus - we aim to deliver multi-layered skin, body and wellness  offerings for everyone.


Our skin treatments are tailor made to target each skin concern. We utilise a variety of products and technology to  achieve visible results. We are completely holistic in our approach and results focused, often utilising layered approaches to achieve the best results for you. We understand that every skin is unique and requires a unique and individualised approach, which is why we have created our signature "Skin Gym"  Memberships. 

12 months of carefully planned treatments to ensure you kick your skin goals. 


Our focus on skin is not limited to face, neck and décolletage treatments. We have created some unique and holistic body treatments to ensure that the skin on the rest of your body is always at its glowing best. 

Whether you need relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation, our body treatments have you covered. We offer clinical and dermal body treatments (Body Facials, Needling, LED (light) Treatments); sculpting and fat cavitation; toning and tightening and massage treatments


Unlike any other clinic, we have weaved our heart based offerings through all our skin and body treatments, allowing us to also offer some unique wellness offerings.

Skin Genesis was created solely as an expression of healing, love and wellness and we have evolved to offer not only holistic aesthetic transformations, but holistic soulful transformations.

Some of our wellness offerings include transformational breathwork, Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing (BOQ) hypnosis, channeled energetic treatments and sound healing.




At Brow Hub™ our philosophy revolves around enhancing the organic structure of eyebrows; creating full and natural designs, unique to each individual.

The Brow Hub™ method was created in 2015 and arose out of necessity for a softer more organic way to shape brows. The method is dedicated to individual & freehand styling & the Brow Hub™ team have been one of Australia's leading innovators in brow grooming.

Brow Hub™ specialises in bespoke brow design and lash lifts with all staff trained in Brow Hub and Yumi Lash Lift protocols and techniques.

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